Travel Size

How do I use a travel pillow?

  • In the car.
  • On a plane.
  • On the sofa/in a recliner when watching TV.
  • Side sleepers - put one between your knees to take pressure off your spine.
  • Small children love them - it's a great gift!
  • Transition small children away from their blankies by "trading up" to a kid-size pillow with a comforting pillowcase.
  • Enjoy cuddling with it.
  • NOTE:  Minky fabric does not rip or tear.  Punch a small hole in the corner and attach the pillowcase to a carabiner to hook onto your bag when traveling.  

Hard to find travel size pillowcases are now available in comforting, comfortable, so soft, cozy and cool Minky fabric!  Our envelope design has a generous overlap so keeping loose items safe when you travel is a bonus, and it fits the popular MyPillow travel size pillow.