About Us

Vonnie Folsom, Ultimate Minky Pillowcases

I LOVE soft fabrics!  Years ago I told my kids that when I get old and senile, they should give me a piece of velvet, put me in a corner, and I wouldn't bother anyone. Since Minky fabric has entered my life, I don't have time to bother them at all!

When I retired from my career as an admin/legal secretary, I began sewing purses, chenille hotpads, quilted vests, decorator pillows, embroidery runners, etc. to sell at arts and crafts fairs but most often shoppers wanted them in colors and sizes other than what I had so, although it kept me busy, it was a bit frustrating.  That business was Vonnie Rae's Sewing & Embroidery and I learned a lot about running a home-based business, enjoyed the interaction with customers and the comraiderie with vendors.  

In 2012 I bought and slept on a Minky pillowcase and it was like sleeping on a cloud or in Buckingham Palace - it was luxurious, luscious, comforting, and so surprising that I wasn't waking up to flip my pillow (it didn't get warm) and when I went to bed after shampooing, my pillow didn't get wet, and in the morning I was able to brush my hair and go because the fabric is static free and so smooth!  I was sleeping better and spending less time in front of the mirror - what's not to love about that!  I wanted everyone to experience sleeping on Minky.

My husband, Dave, and I did the math, I got some fabric samples, made a plan and started sewing up a storm - and did the fuzz ever fly around here!  Minky is an interesting "animal" to sew but customers were so happy with the product and I was having such fun choosing fabrics (it's sort of addicting), friends and family were encouraging me and soon we knew this was going to be a business.  In 2012 Minky Pillow Cases by Vonnie Rae was launched and I've been very busy sewing, selling in five states at arts and crafts shows, seasonal boutiques, through magazine and newspaper advertising, and our website.  At shows I am know as "The Pillowcase Lady" and that makes me smile.

The business has grown and in order to keep up with demand, I do need consistent help with cutting and sewing and packaging. 

We are grateful to God and to our wonderful customers for the amazing success a business can be with just one product. In 2016 we realized it was time for a new look so we launched our new name Ultimate Minky Pillowcases and website UltimateMinky.com but the name is the only thing that has changed - we are committed to providing the same great product and excellent customer service!

In 2016 we added travel size and in 2017, due to high requests for king size, we added kings in 5 colors.  

I love my business because of the benefits of comfort, pleasure and improved sleep my customers experience. I have learned so much from customers about the reasons they love sleeping on Minky and the joy they get from gifting them - it's a product that loves to be shared!