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Product Information

What is the fabric content? 
Minky fabric is a high-tech split/plush microfiber comprised of 100% polyester and is certified hypo-allergenic.

How is an Ultimate Minky Pillowcase made?
Our pillowcases are professionally cut and seams are sewn with a serger which makes every seam very secure.  We are proud that our product is handcrafted in the USA.

Laundry Instructions: 
Laundering releases the wicking benefits of Minky fabric. 
  • Machine wash with your sheets (never with a fabric that has a nap).
  • Do not use liquid fabric softener as it reduces absorbency.
  • If needed, occasionally add 1/4 C. white vinegar to the rinse cycle to remove soap residue and renew freshness to minky fibers.
  • Dry on medium heat.
  • Care instructions are also sewn into every pillowcase.
  • It is safe to launder all Minky colors with whites; there will be no transfer of color and the color doesn’t fade.
Note: Minky fabric has been tested in multiple cycles of extremely hot water and showed no noticeable difference.

Will it stain?  The fabric is stain resistant, extremely durable and has been tested with stains such as:
  • makeup
  • dried blood
  • body oils
  • hair products
  • tanning lotion
  • acne ointments
  • bleach
  • ballpoint pen
  • red wine
When laundered in warm water and detergent (no prewash products), no stains remained.


  • 20.5" x 32" Fits Standard/Queen Pillows
  • 20.5" x 36" Fits King Pillows - Available in White, Ivory, Tan, Gray and Navy and Forest Camo.
  • 12.5" x 18" Fits Travel Pillows
Note:  Ultimate Minky Pillowcases are made a bit generous to fit the MyPillow brand.