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What is Minky?

Minky fabric:

  • is one of the brand names of the fabric and it means "softer than mink".
  • is elegant and beautiful to the eye;
  • is ultra soft, soothing and gives comfort.  Customers have reported that children with tactile sensitivity and Autism are calmed by the soft fabric;
  • wicks heat so you likely will not wake up to flip your pillow - it doesn't get warm from your body like cotton does so you may sleep better.  It doesn't have the initial cool feel of cotton, but it doesn't get warm.
  • wicks moisture so you don't feel a wet pillow when you go to bed with wet hair or if you perspire in the night - you get uninterrupted sleep! A chemo patient reported that Minky was so comfortable and absorbed excessive moisture weeping through her skin (see Jodi's testimonial here);
  • keeps pillows cleaner since the millions of fibers catch body oils, dirt, moisture, makeup, etc., It launders beautifully and stains come out without prewash products;
  • is not affected by harsh acne medications;
  • caresses your skin and will not cause crease marks on your face as cotton can do. Pillowcase fabric touches your skin for many hours - make it a pampering experience!
  • is static free so "bed head" is diminished and the smooth fibers cause less hair breakage than cotton fabric;
  • is also loved by pets but another big surprise - pet hair doesn't stick!
  • is affordable!  Sleeping on an Ultimate Minky Pillowcase costs $.015/night (based on $30 ÷ 5 years use).  We've been sleeping on Minky nightly for over 6 years and our pillowcases have been laundered over 200 times and are not showing wear;
  • is used in Bed & Breakfasts where they deal with lots of stains and they use extremely hot water - innkeepers report they are pleased with the durability and the responses from guests;
  • travels well - kids will take them on sleep-overs; adults will be packing them every time they are away from home overnight;
  • has been tested for lead and passed all government regulations. The testing was conducted by an independent laboratory and complied with all the guidelines of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and
  • is certified hypoallergenic.

    Claims about Minky fabric are based on user experience only
    and not on clinical studies.

    If  you'd like a sample of the fabric sent to you, send me an email with your mailing address and I'll reply quickly.