White Travel Pillowcase
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White Travel Pillowcase

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Pictured on a MY PILLOW travel size pillow, our little pillowcases fit a variety of sizes of smaller pillows and there is a pocket overlap opening on the back to insert the pillow, even allowing a storage spot for small items.  Measurements are approximately 12.5 x 18.

Minky's split microfiber construction makes it the perfect fabric for pillowcases because, in addition to it being so soft that it caresses your senses, face and hair, it wicks heat and moisture allowing you to sleep cool and dry, it is static-free so bed-head issues are diminished, and it is exceptionally durable even after years of use and being laundered hundreds of times.

Read our TESTIMONIALS page to learn how cancer and end-of-life customers find exceptional comfort from Minky fabric like nothing else has provided to them.

LAUNDRY INSTRUCTIONS: Wash with your sheets (never with a fabric that has a nap). Do not use liquid fabric softener as it reduces absorbency. Dry on medium heat. If needed, occasionally add 1/4 C. white vinegar to the rinse cycle to remove soap residue and renew freshness to Minky fibers. Minimized care instructions are also on the reverse side of the designer label.


  • We sell to Bed & Breakfasts and they have reported that even the heaviest makeup stains come out in the laundry without prewash applications. 
  • Customers have reported that harsh acne creams have not affected Minky fabric's color.
  • It is safe to wash every color of Minky with whites - totally color safe!

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